• 14 Lieberts DX A/C Units 390 Tons with exterior Condensers.
  • Plenum ceiling for better airflow through out server rooms.



Power and generator

  • 3.0 MW Transformer
  • Both AC and DC power capabilities
  • Diesel Generator
  • Onsite diesel fuel storage
  • Redundant ATS's and other power infrastructure

Fire Detection and Suppression


  • VESDA smoke and fire detection system
  • Multiple zoned detection and suppression system
  • Double interlock dry pipe system throughout facility
  • FM200 Gas System








24x7x365 Security & Surveillance

  • State of the Art Security and access control
  • Restricted Access to the Data Rooms


  • Onsite video surveillance with night vision capabilities.
  • Video footage archive offsite to secure location nightly.
  • Security and building automation work together to ensure highly secure facilities.

Seven Tier One Fiber providers

Multiple diverse fiber paths into the building





  • Racks and enclosures
  • Both 4 and 2 post telecom racks
  • All cabling is run overhead on telco grade ladder racking
  • Fiber to every rack